Monday, 2 February 2009

Well the sewing box is now finished. The first photo shows how tatty and uninspiring it originally was. I wasn't keen at all on the mustard colour satin lining, and the paisley corduroy covering on the outside was faded and grubby. I liked the shape however, and it's a decent size. The outside and inside were recovered using vintage fabrics, even the rick-rack trimming is vintage. I didn't bother keeping the padding under the lid as it would require too much faffing about, and I can cram more into the box with a flat lid!

There was a lot of glueing involved and I found the best glue was Evo-Stik Impact. I ran out of this though and also used Gutermann Creativ Textile glue which performed in much the same way, although the Gutermann glue would be better with lighter coloured fabrics as it dries clear. Both glues are quite smelly and I had to take regular breaks to get fresh air.

The yellow ball feet are large wooden beads screwed into the base, and I've added a felt flower tag to help lift the lid. I'm really pleased with the end result. Whether it will encourage me to do more sewing is another matter!

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